Craniati Enigma! The riddle that doesn't get you frustrated and knows what you think!

Keep this in mind: Anything can be a clue in Craniati Enigma!

Amazing Brainteasers

A collection of enigmatic puzzles and brain-teasers designed to get you to think for days.


An original smartphone implementation of the popular browser based riddle/puzzle games.

Forty free levels

The initial free pack contains 40 free riddles, with different levels of difficulty.

AI Algorithm

Sometimes you will feel that the game knows what you think. Just give it a try...

Sixty additional levels

3 additional packs with a total of 60 levels.

Progressive Hints System

Use the progressive hints system when you get stuck or you need some inspiration.


Fun and rewarding Achievements via GameCenter. We also have Leaderboards, of course.

Just Different

The twist is that you need to use and know your phone in order to get the solution for some levels. You might have to search deep in your device menus in order to find the right answer. Sometimes you might have to change your location, move or rotate your phone...

  • Discover clever references to famous TV shows, like Lost and Prison Break
  • Decipher codes and ciphers (ROT, Morse code, sign language, Braille, AutoKey cipher, Enigma machine, Betamaze, Bifid Cipher)
  • Figure out strange alphabets (Bengali, Navajo, Hieroglyphs)
  • Search for clues on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other familiar (or not) places on the Internet

Anything can be a clue in Craniati Enigma!

Travel back to ancient Egypt and decipher hieroglyphs, find your way out of strange mazes, recall episodes from your favorite TV shows. Crack the Enigma machine and look for clues in familiar places over the internet. Become a spy, exercise your memory and read between the lines. Go to space, learn new languages and name some stars. Meet Dante Alighieri, figure out strange words.


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